Our story

Who are we?
We opened the VR Vidámpark (VR Theme Park) in November 2019 next to the Western Railway Station with a diverse team, which has since expanded even further. Our previous joint or separate projects have included permanent and traveling exhibitions, theatrical and film productions, various catering units and entertainment centers. Adding our experience gained during these, we are constantly developing our park, which is located on more than 2,000 square meters on 3 levels.
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What is our mission?
We believe in the power of storytelling to deliver lifelong experiences. We have also carefully selected our staff to create an atmosphere where you can really break out of reality a bit and get unforgettable memories. We strive to provide the highest guest experience with the most advanced technological possibilities available today, with the help of virtual reality. In addition, we would like to make up for the lack of an amusement park in the capital to some extent, with the amusement park of the future.
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What makes us unique?
Uniquely in Europe, we have created an amusement park organized around virtual reality (VR), where children, parents, couples, groups of friends and colleagues coming to build a corporate team can have an unforgettable time. We have done research in many parts of the world to bring special experiences and games to Budapest, and we have developed unique hyperreality experiences interspersed with 4D elements. In addition to the VR experiences, we placed great emphasis on ensuring that both the interior design and the overall design of the park contribute to a special experience so that our visitors can feel not only in the virtual space as if they were taking part in a time travel.
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May 5


After a break of nearly half a year, we reopened on May 5th. We welcomed our returning and new guests with a brand new ticket system, new games and discounts.
January 25

Developing a new experience

In addition to our Dino Safari and Dark side of Anubis hyperreality experiences, we also started developing our third experience. Details about this are not revealed yet, let’s be surprised…
November 26


We have launched our webshop, where in addition to the special clothing and gamer products of our geek shop, you can also buy souvenirs from the VR Vidámpark (VR Theme Park)

November 11

Temporary closure

We had to close temporarily due to restrictive measures due to the coronavirus. During this time, we were constantly preparing to reopen, giving discounted sales of gift certificates and vouchers to all those who would like to visit us after the restrictions were lifted.
November 5

First birthday

We celebrated the first anniversary of our existence. Although the coronavirus has also overshadowed the life of the park, our tens of thousands of visitors since the opening have given us the strength to continue and we have formulated a number of plans for the future.

November 4

Gaming History

With the help of PlayIT and PlayIT Store, we opened Hungary’s first game history exhibition, our Gaming History interactive exhibition in the park, where you can view hundreds of gaming relics, unique, collectible pieces, and try out legendary, timeless games on working retro consoles.

October 31


As we organize themed programs for every major occasion, we created a special atmosphere for Halloween and not only made the interiors of the park awesome and haunting, we also introduced a brand new game, but even our game master team has changed to make the creepy experiences even more unforgettable.

October 23


In addition to the discounts and surprises offered to families during the fall break, we also hosted a Beat Saber and Captain Cook VR competition. In addition to the Gaming History interactive exhibit, the podium finishers won tickets to the Démonblokk VR Escape Room and the Museum of Sweets & Selfies. In addition to loving these locations, we have also asked them to help other members of the current struggling tourism sector.
October 20

TV shows

We provided a location for a number of shootings, such as the two mysterious characters in the Álarcos énekes (“Masked Singer”), including the Watch Games. See more. video series, as well as hosting one of the families in need on the Újratervezés (“Redesign”) TV-production.

September 1

Referral program

We have found that the opinion of our guests is our most important and effective marketing tool, as nothing can be more authentic than the enthusiastic recommendation of a guest who has already visited us. That’s why we launched our Referral program to reward those who carry our news.
July 3


We drew the main prize of our prize game related to our video series, HTC VIVE Cosmos Elite offered by HTC Hungary and 220volt, which was handed over by HTC’s regional director.

July 1


After the mandatory closing from mid-March, we were finally able to welcome visitors again on July 1, which we celebrated with a big reopening campaign.
June 13

VR WORLDS with Szabó Győző

We shot a five-part video series entitled VR WORLDS with Szabó Győző, in which we showed that in addition to entertainment, VR technology can be good for quite everything.
April 29


The party organizers of BOOM came to us, about which a really cozy little video was made, which we have been happy to show to anyone who is curious about what a team builder is like here.
March 23


On the day of its release, we streamed live the first few hours of Half-Life: Alyx VR with the help of one of our game masters (ArsyOnTwitch).
March 3


We opened our VR POP-UP experience point in the middle of the Westend Shopping Center. The audience’s favorite Zombyte or Angry Birds has thus temporarily become available as a separate play barely 150 meters from the VR Vidámpark (VR Theme Park) in one of the busiest shopping malls in the capital.

February 29

Pyjama party

We held our first pyjama party in collaboration with Da Vinci Kids. The 8-13 year olds had a real paleontological experience, explored the park area with a flashlight looking for ancient bones, heard an exciting performance and of course we flew them into the age of dinosaurs with our VR experience before they slept in the park.

January 12

Create thematic packages

We have created several thematic packages, each with 5-6 VR experiences and games, so that each of our visitors can choose the one they like best. Seeing the visitor feedback and experiences of the approx. we replaced our previous coinos ticket system with packages that mean an hour and a half program, with which we were able to further enhance the guest experience.
January 10


Numerous media and press products reported about our park, so ATV, TV2, RTL Klub, Petőfi TV, HVG, 444.hu, Index, Cosmopolitan and many others visited us without claiming completeness. We are very grateful for each appearance this time as well.
December 24

Christmas record

We received a record number of visitors during the Christmas break, which really strengthened us in our need for modern forms of entertainment and gave us incredible strength to continue to improve the park.
November 20

Grandiose outdoor advertising campaign

We wanted every resident of Budapest to meet our ad at least once, so in addition to our online presence, we also announced on the subways, trams, citylights and billboards that we had opened our doors to the general public.
November 7


After long preparations and waiting, we were extremely excited, but we finally opened our park to visitors.
March 7

We started construction

In the building of the former Szikra cinema, we started the interior design works of the VR Vidámpark (VR Theme Park) in order to create a truly magical, unique space for our time-traveling visitors.
February 1

Development of Dark side of Anubis

After Dino Safari, we also started developing our second hyperreality experience, Dark side of Anubist, this time set in the mystical world of the Egyptian pyramids. It is much more like an escape room experience, as groups have the opportunity for more in-game interaction.
January 1

Dino Safari is also in KÖKI

After ALLEE, we were able to show our Dino Safari hyperreality experience to a wider audience at KÖKI as well. Interestingly, at that time we still used the OptiTrack system to track movement. This was later completely changed.

November 1

Introducing Dino Safari in ALLEE

We were excited to present the first version of our Dino Safari hyrperreality experience at the ALLEE shopping center. A lot of people met him at that time and then came back to us later to see how we improved based on the first experience.

July 1

Development of Dino Safari

We started developing our Dino Safari hyperreality experience. We wanted a group VR experience that sniffs out in a way we had never seen before at home, and it worked after months of work. A true walking experience on hundreds of square feet where you can also see each other’s characters interact with the environment while also touching adventurers with 4D effects.