Unsure what to choose? We’re here to help!

Never played VR before, and you’re not sure which games or experiences would suit you best? There are too many choices, and you could use some help with deciding?
We recommend VR Park from the age of 6-7 to everyone who’s still a child at heart. Anyone could enjoy any of our games, but with thousands of visitors in the past two years, we can offer some tips and advice on what would suit you the best.
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Pick this ticket if you’re interested in amusement park experiences (roller coaster, catapult), you would like to try a hydraulic car simulator, test your skills in Fruit Ninja, and one of the world’s most famous VR games, Beat Saber.
Includes beginner VR Games and experiences, so it’s a good choice for everyone who hasn’t tried VR before. Includes our only non-virtual reality game, the hydraulic car simulator, which we definitely recommend trying, even if you don’t have a driving license yet.
If your stomach is too weak to handle real amusement park experiences in real life, we don’t necessarily recommend this ticket. However, if you’re scared of these rides in real life, this is the perfect opportunity to face your fears in a 100% safe environment.

All the games are solo experiences. You may try the roller coaster and catapult with multiple people, but you won’t see each other in the games.

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Pick this ticket if you’re a real gamer, if you prefer to play solo, you’re amused by gaming memorabilia, or you love the Assassin’s Creed franchise!
You can try two free roam games where you can play as a legendary assassin, fight annoying rabbits, or face a mighty minotaur.
Also includes a co-op game where you put on slippery shoes (socks are a must) and you fight with or against each other.
And on the massive machine gun, you can choose to have pirates or zombies as your opponents.

Includes 3 single player and 1 co-op game. It’s important to note, that because of technical reasons, both of our experiences in this ticket are for people above 130cm only!

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Pick this ticket if you are interested in co-op games. This ticket is the most popular with friend groups, kids birthdays, bachelor parties, and corporate team building events.
From the available games, adults love the horrifying, zombie filled adventures Zombyte 1-2. In these games you fight zombies together in an abandoned warehouse and train station, while vibrating vests make sure you can feel every zombie bite.
For our younger guests, Angry Birds VR and Cold Clash offer an unforgettable experience. These are cooperative games, and parents love that kids can play together.
Our games masters favorite is Captain Cook, a game where you cook for hungry pirates on board a pirate ship. It’s highly recommended to all age groups and is probably the most entertaining game the park has to offer.

It’s not possible to play solo in the Arena, a minimum of 2 and maximum 4 players can play.

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premium ticket
Pick this ticket if you would like to be part of the most complex experience the VR Park has to offer, or if you’re looking for an unforgettable adventure and not necessarily games. It’s most popular among families of 3-4.
One of the games in the ticket is Dino Safari, where you can travel to the age of dinosaurs with your teammates, and not only see dinosaurs up close, but be able to walk among them and touch them too! The other game is Dark Side of Anubis, an interactive adventure taking you inside the pyramids of Egypt, where your task is to break an ancient curse and escape before it’s too late…
Both adventures have 4D effects and you’re able to walk on a 100 square meter area. If you see any objects in game, such as walls, boxes, or dinosaur eggs, those are there in real life too!

The Time Traveler premium ticket is not a solo experience. A minimum of 2 and maximum 4 players are required.

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Pick this game if your team has experienced VR players, loves a good challenge or is a fan of escape rooms! These are our most challenging games and the longest.
You have 50 minutes to complete your tasks, and you can check the remaining time throughout the game. There is also an opportunity to ask for help and hints from the games master during the game.

It’s impossible to face the challenges alone, you need to bring 2-4 players.

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Gift card

Give an unforgettable experience as a gift! Not sure when someone you want to surprise would come to us? Not sure which ticket you would like? Buy a gift card that you will receive by email from us and you have no choice but to print and deliver it! The recipient can enter the received code on the Shopping Cart page after selecting the desired ticket for the appropriate time. This way he can decide what and when he wants to come. The code can be used for 180 days from the date of purchase.