6.900 Ft





Get into a hydraulic car simulator, complete the challenges of Beat Saber or Fruit Ninja, jump on a motor and take part in an awesome race, hold on tight to the roller coaster, and even more so to the catapult…

6.900 HUF/person

Includes 5 games/experiences.
The length of the VR Theme Park experience is approx.: 45 perc
On the Catapult: max. 130 kg
For a time min. 1, max. 5 tickets can be purchased.
Information about accompanying tickets for parents by clicking here.
We do not recommend this ticket type for pregnant women, because the game masters will put a belt on the players.

Includes all of the following games/experiences:

Image module

Beat Saber or Fruit Ninja


Not a coincidence, that Fruit Ninja is one of the most addictive phone games in the world. Now you can try it as a VR game, which is even more intensive than the original one. Challenge each other, and compare your scores at the end. In Beat Saber test your sense of rhythm and speed reflexes, to find out whose the most skilled one in the family.


Single player games.

VR Motor


Jump on a motor, put your VR glasses on, and take part in an awesome race, full of difficulties and competitive rivals. Better not looking down above the deep cracks…


Single player game.

Roller coaster


Missing the long-closed theme park in Budapest? Caught up in nostalgia? Never tried a roller coaster before? Now you can live through the experience, the safest possible way.


Even 6 of you can play it at the same time.



Enjoy the classical funfair experience through VR. How does it feel to be stucked to a chair, then shooted to the sky? Now you can find it out, if you have the courage and can cope with these kind of excitements.


Single player game.
Max. 130 kg

Hydraulic car simulator


This game differs from the others, because it is not a VR experience, but it is so epic that we had to put it in our list. Not a coincidence that even professional racing drivers use it as well. Everyone should put their driving sills to the test in a hidraulic car-simulator.


Single player game.