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The Hologate platform, which is incredibly popular all over the world, in Hungary is only available at VR Theme Park. You can enter a real battlefield with up to four people at once, where you could be the Angry Birds, fight an army of zombies in Zombyte, fight a snow battle with penguins in Cold Clash, be a chef on a pirate ship in Captain Cook, match up you can dance to the rhythm of the Groove Guardians music and there are countless other game options waiting for you …

7.900 Ft/person

Includes 3 games/experiences.
Length: approx. 30 min.
(3 games of 5, 8 or 10 minutes, depending on the game type)
For a time min. 2, max. 4 tickets can be purchased.*
+ We provide free admission to the Gaming History interactive exhibition for all guests arriving with tickets!
Information about accompanying tickets for parents by clicking here.

*We recommend that you come as a team of 3 or 4 people, because then you will be the only ones in the experience. If you buy 2 tickets and another team of two buys for the same date, you will be part of the adventures together. We will sell a maximum of 4 tickets for a date and your selection will show the number of tickets available.


You can choose up to 3 of the following games:

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Could you survive a zombie attack? Yes or no, it is on! We will see… In no time you’ll realise which one of you can stay calm in every case, whose the best shooter, and who cares about the team more than him/herself. The zombies are just coming and coming, while the boss enemy is waiting for you to get exhausted…

Zombyte 2.0


The sequel to the fan favorite game is now available at the VR Theme Park! If you survived the first game, try your luck in even more action packed and horrifying battle! Fight through an abandoned subway tunnel and face a new final boss!

Angry Birds


Up to four players can immerse themselves in a first-person VR world where the only thing standing between hordes of bad piggies and Bird Island is you… and your giant slingshot! The game experience is inspired by The Angry Birds Movie 2, and acts as precursor to the events in the movie which finds the flightless birds and scheming bad piggies in the midst of an ever-escalating prank war. It’s up to you and three of your Bird Buddies to stop them from turning your idyllic home into a messy, smelly… Pigsty! Armed with your trusty slingshot, you must blast the baddies with coconuts, melons, bowling balls (and anything else you can get your feathered fingers on), to repel the Piggy Fleet from Bird Island!

Captain Cook


Yar! All that lootin’ and plunderin’ on the high seas can really work up an appetite. On the Black Crumpet, it’s nearly lunchtime! Who will feed the dozens of hungry pirates? Luckily, you and your friends are certified seadog chefs! Cut, grill and serve the ordered dishes and drinks before there’s a mealtime mutiny! Heave ho, me hearties! Captain Cook is a fun, family-friendly, and cooperative cooking game where you and your friends will need to cut, grill and serve the meals requested by the queue of hungry pirates before time runs out. With its wacky pirates and frantic gameplay, Captain Cook is sure to be a hit with players of all ages and skill levels.

Cold Clash


Experience a snowball fight like never before. Maneuver your hovercraft around on the frozen lake to collect more golden coins than your opponents, but it isn’t that simple. You must duck, bob, and weave to escape the flying snowballs coming from the other players and a crazy, territorial yeti. Get the advantage by grabbing the power-ups before your opponents do. Your snowball launcher will transform into fun and wacky weapons you have to experience to believe. This family-friendly game will win you over with its cute design and competitive gameplay and is guaranteed to be a virtual reality party smash.

Groove Guardians


Have a good sense of rhythm? Now you can challenge yourself! Be prepared! It will be a sweaty experience… Pretty sure that none of our VR-games will make you this tired.

Tower Tag


In this game, which is also popular in e-sports competitions, you can compare your skills in two teams. The goal is to capture as many towers as possible from the opposing team while hitting your opponents as many times as possible. By the way, our managers also used to compete the most in this game …

Blasters of the Universe


This is a retro-inspired cooperative multiplayer game that pushes the bullet hell genre to dazzling new heights, pitting you and your friends against wave after wave of bullets and baddies in a neon-infused virtual reality landscape. This nostalgic and heart-pumping VR shooter features a fluid combat system where players must physically duck, dodge, twist, and turn their way through a never-ending onslaught of bullets.



Team up and enter the competitive arena of the Slugterra universe! Use your slug-slingers to shoot slugs and seek cover by jumping from platform to platform in the deep Underground! Choose from Eli, the ‘All-Rounder’, with his combination of offensive fire and electrical slugs; Trixie, the ‘Tactician, whose slugs slow opponents down and penetrate through cover; Pronto, the ‘Rogue’, whose jetpack lets him move quickly while he smokes players with fart clouds or goos them with acidic slime; or Kord, the “Tank”, who moves more slowly, but can hammer his opponents with his Rammstone and Sticky Grenuke slugs. Explore the expansive and multilevel gamespace, using each slug’s special powers to gain the advantage against the other team to achieve victory.



Together with up to 4 players, your mission is to defend a futuristic base on the home planet of the Simurai. Work together as a team to fend off waves of menacing alien mech-spiders, robots, and drones to prepare yourselves to defeat bigger enemies like the giant Sumo-Bot and the mighty Dragon-Boss. Power-ups will transform your blaster and give you special powers. Don´t forget to dodge the lasers if you want to beat the high-score.

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