Unforgettable team building in Budapest’s only theme park!

Whether it’s a corporate team-building event or just a gathering of old friends, choose VR Theme Park where we tailor unique packages for each group based on their needs!
We’ve hosted hundreds of team-building events from all over the country, so we know exactly how to provide an experience that will truly be memorable.
Spread across approximately 2000 square meters and 3 levels, we welcome you near Nyugati pályaudvar!
From the simplest simulators to market-leading multiplayer platforms (e.g., Hologate) and unique free-roam experiences available only in Hungary, we have it all!
Whether you prefer solo, cooperative, or competitive games, we always tailor the package so that as many people as possible can spend as much time as possible gaming, regardless of the group size.
It doesn’t matter how many of you come (up to about 80 people), we can accommodate everyone. We often have groups of 6 attending team-building events, groups of 15-30 are common, and there are also groups of around 60 requesting exclusive park usage.

Here’s an example team-building program with us:

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This is just a sample, as we always strive to tailor the package uniquely based on individual preferences in terms of pricing, duration, and games. Of course, the offer below is optional, but we will also suggest other combinations.
Zombyte 2.0


Could you survive a zombie attack? Yes or no, it is on! We will see… In no time you’ll realise which one of you can stay calm in every case, whose the best shooter, and who cares about the team more than him/herself. The zombies are just coming and coming, while the boss enemy is waiting for you to get exhausted…


Up to 4 people can collaborate in a team.



Enter the mystical world of the Vikings in this power-packed competitive multiplayer game. Ragnaröck is easy to play and hard to master. As captain of a Viking ship, all you need is rhythm to get moving and lead your crew to the win. Show off your skills, beat the high score, and defeat your partners in this stylized race.


Up to 4 people can compete simultaneously.

Beat Saber


In the game that tests reflexes and rhythm, you’ll find out who the most skilled member of the team is. It’s no wonder it’s one of the most famous and popular VR games ever made.


Up to 3 people can play on 3 separate tracks at once.

Roller Coaster


Missing the long-closed theme park in Budapest? Caught up in nostalgia? Never tried a roller coaster before? Now you can live through the experience, the safest possible way.


Up to 6 people can ride at once.



Enjoy the classical funfair experience through VR. How does it feel to be stucked to a chair, then shooted to the sky? Now you can find it out, if you have the courage and can cope with these kind of excitements.


Up to 2 people can ride at once.

Hydraulic car simulator


This game differs from the others, because it is not a VR experience, but it is so epic that we had to put it in our list. Not a coincidence that even professional racing drivers use it as well. Everyone should put their driving sills to the test in a hidraulic car-simulator.


Up to 2 people can compete on separate tracks.

Dark side of Anubis


Have you ever been inside a pyramid? How about while being put to the test by Egyptian gods? Whether the answer is yes (seriously?!) or no, the Dark Side of Anubis will be an unmissable experience!


Unique free-roam experience for up to 4 people at a time. In the sample package, half of the team can participate in this, while the other half can experience Dino Safari.

Dino Safari


Ever wondered what it’s like to walk among living dinosaurs? What’s it like to come face to face with a T-Rex? If so, then the Dino Safari will give you an unforgettable experience.


Unique free-roam experience for up to 4 people at a time. In the sample package, half of the team can participate in this, while the other half can experience the Dark Side of Anubis.

In summary, the sample team-building program includes:

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 – Zombyte 2.0 (in teams of up to 4)
– Ragnaröck (in teams of up to 4)
– Beat Saber (up to 3 people at once)
– Roller Coaster (up to 6 people at once)
– Catapult (up to 2 people at once)
– Car Racing (up to 2 people at once)
– Dino Safari or Dark Side of Anubis experience (in teams of up to 4)
With 16 participants, it lasts approximately 100 minutes, with about 70 minutes per person of playtime. Each game can be tried by everyone.
Discounted price: gross HUF 13,500/person
All of our selectable games can be found here. You can browse through them all and we can provide individual offers for those you like.

Interested in exclusivity?

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If you’d like the VR Theme Park to be exclusively yours, with no one else around, and you can play with everything for hours on end, we usually recommend exclusive park usage from 60 people, for which we’ll also send you a personalized offer, as it depends on the day and the duration you’re considering.

What else do we offer besides games?

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Separate room with drink preparation
We provide a separate area for each team, isolated from other guests, where you can chat, drink, and rest between games. Additionally, there’s a fridge stocked with prepared alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks (subject to negotiation), which you can consume and settle at the end of the program. If desired, we can also provide an unlimited drinks package for HUF 2,000/person.
Game Masters assist with everything
Your team will be accompanied by a Game Master, who will provide all necessary information and assist with team formation, in either Hungarian or English. The platforms will be managed by additional Game Masters, ensuring everyone receives all the assistance they need, regardless of whether they have VR experience or not.

Reservation and inquiry:

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Please choose the date at least a week in advance, which will be finalized after confirmation. Please mention any specific requirements (e.g., games, budget, drink package, duration). If you have none, we’ll send you several offers based on the number of people and date.

Let us know when you want to come and how many people! If there is no time available, we will contact you on your contact details to arrange a new date!

To make a reservation, you will need a name to identify yourself on arrival. If there are several of you coming, one name is still enough, and it's OK if you have a different name than the person who will be coming (e.g. parent's name).

Your booking will be confirmed by email to the email address below within 24 hours (check your spam folder too!). If you do not receive an email, please call us. We will only call you if we need to make a special arrangement for any reason, but confirmation of your booking will still be by email.