Kísérő jegy / Accompanying ticket

1.800 Ft




The accompanying ticket includes a VR roller coaster ride (this can be transferred to someone else, but it must be used immediately, cannot be exchanged for another experience, or be used as a discount from another ticket’s price). Can be bought online or on site, it’s valid for the specific day.

1.800 HUF/person

An accompanying ticket must be bought by anyone above the age of 6 who wants to visit the park as a spectator (this includes taking photos and videos except in the TIME TRAVELER, where you cannot take photos/videos). The use of VR experiences is not allowed under the age of 6. This means that everyone below the age of 6 may visit the park for free in the company of anyone above the age of 18, who purchased a full price ticket, or an adult with an accompanying ticket.
In case of birthday parties 2 people, and in case of school trips 1 person for every 10 people may visit the park for free, but all other spectators and guardians must purchase an accompanying ticket.
Everyone below the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult (above 18 years old), who needs to purchase an accompanying ticket, unless there is another player who is 18 or above.
An accompanying ticket can be purchased with the purchase of minimum 1 full priced ticket, not on its own. One of the goals of the ticket is to avoid crowds for the comfort of our visitors with full priced tickets.
Any parent or guardian not purchasing an accompanying ticket may wait in our lobby.