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Be a part of the million-player Assassin’s Creed franchise world, become a perfect assassin! Then you have to decide: you want to fight each other or together during our various action-packed games… After that complete the challenges of Beat Saber or Fruit Ninja and fantasy adventures await.
Price: 6.250 Ft/person


Includes 3 games/experiences.
+ 1 ticket for the Gaming History interactive exhibition
+ 1 HELL Gamer energy drink


The length of the VR Theme Park experience is approx.: 30 min.
+ 45 min.
at the Gaming History interactive exhibition


For a time min. 1, max. 5 tickets can be purchased.

You can choose 2 of the following games:

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Assassin’s Creed


Be part of the world of the franchise, which became favourite of millions, in the gamer community. Be the best assasin! Use the fiery arrow to destroy everyone who comes in your way, and get the chance to take down the mysterious antagonist. This game is a one-person adventure, where you have to take a real walk in a leaded path.


Single player game.



Pick up the battle with the mythical monster! But before you face it, you have to fight your way through an army of skeleton warriors. They can attack you from anywhere in a maze full of spiders and narrow corridors!


Single player game.

Virtual Rabbids


Don’t be a rabbit, but rather fight against the bunnies! You can expect a really fun fight that won’t be free of challenges either.  Escape the chaos caused by Rabbids invaders in a futuristic and curious space station!


Single player game.

In addition to the above, you can choose 1 of the following games:

These games come with separate shoes, so wearing socks is a must!
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Affected: The Manor


Explore a haunted house, and walk among ghosts, demons and unexplainable happenings. Not gonna lie, it will be hair-raising journey. It is one of the most intensive horror experience ever made for VR.


Single player game.



Travel to a distant planet and fight the monsters that get in your way! You won’t have much support during the mission, at the end of which a dreaded main enemy will be waiting for you…


Single player game.

Robotok arénája


Take part of a thrillig battle, where even two of you can fight at once in the same arena. This time you need some craft and tactical sense, because your task is not to survive but to protect an object against the attacking robots.


Even two of you can play it at the same time.

Elite Force


You have to fight each other in this VR game that evokes the world of Call of Duty. The goal is to send as many enemies to the floor as possible. And if you manage to shoot the other player, you get extra points. Are you ready to fight?


Even two of you can play it at the same time.

Dead Zone: Zombies


In an apocalyptic world, survival is the only instinct that drives you forward. Work together to survive the onslaught of zombies! In addition to your weapons, you will also need a great deal of courage!


Even two of you can play it at the same time.

Blackbeard and Skull Island


Skull Island hides a lot of treasures and they are all just waiting for you to collect them. Of course, no one claimed that the prey could easily be yours, as pirates and skeletons would stand in the way…


Even two of you can play it at the same time.

The package also includes 1 ticket for the Gaming History interactive exhibition!

Relive your childhood with consoles released since the eighties, or find out how your parents played and where gaming came from!
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Retro and modern consoles to try
Play classic or modern games and observe the progress made between each generation of consoles in both control and graphics!
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Gaming relics
Take a close look at the meticulously crafted figures of the protagonists of your favorite toys! Check out the rarities, numbered sculptures and unique relics, including even custom pieces made from recycled scrap metal!
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HELL Gamer energy drink as a gift

Thanks to HELL Energy, we now also give a HELL Gamer energy drink as a gift for every ticket. Ask at the pay desk upon arrival and then spice yourself up before the games!
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