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premium ticket

(Dino Safari, Dark side of Anubis)

This ticket contains our uniqe experiences, spiced with 4D effects, reaches almost all of your sense organs, where with the help of a special backpack you have to take a real-life walk.

9.900 Ft/person

It contains 2 experiences with a total length of about 45 min.
Because of technical reasons can only be used by guest at least above: 140 cm (4,5 ft)
For a time min. 2, max. 4 tickets can be purchased.*
Information about accompanying tickets for parents by clicking here. It is important that you cannot take photos/videos durng the TIME TRAVELER.

*We recommend that you come as a team of 3 or 4 people, because then you will be the only ones in the experience. If you buy 2 tickets and another team of two buys for the same date, you will be part of the adventures together. We will sell a maximum of 4 tickets for a date and your selection will show the number of tickets available.


Includes all of the following experiences:

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Dino Safari


Travel to the age of dinosaurs and meet face to face with a T-rex! This world will really sniff you in, but at the same time your dear helper will be with you throughout the adventure. Look around well, and if you’re really brave, you can even catch dinosaur eggs!


Available in Hungarian, English.

Dark side of Anubis


A mystical adventure awaits you, and the goal is to get out of a cursed pyramid while not only seeing each other, but also working together for success. Just watch out for your torches while you complete the tasks that unfold before you!


Available in Hungarian, English.

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