9.900 Ft




premium ticket

(Dino Safari, Dark side of Anubis)

The TIME TRAVEL premium ticket in VR Theme Park includes two self-developed, immersive experiences. Both are a walking adventure with 4D effects. More and more free-roam VR experiences are being created around the world, and thanks to Dino Safari and Dark side of Anubis, the Hungarian public can experience this technology for the first time.

9.900 HUF/person

The TIME TRAVEL premium ticket includes 2 experiences, so you don’t have to choose between them! Total length of the programme approx.: 45 minutes
For a time min. 2, max. 4 tickets can be purchased.*
Information about accompanying tickets for parents by clicking here.

Includes all of the following experiences:

Image module

Dino Safari


Ever wondered what it’s like to walk among living dinosaurs? What’s it like to come face to face with a T-Rex? If so, then the Dino Safari will give you an unforgettable experience.


Available in Hungarian, English.

Dark side of Anubis


Have you ever been inside a pyramid? How about while being put to the test by Egyptian gods? Whether the answer is yes (seriously?!) or no, the Dark Side of Anubis will be an unmissable experience!


Available in Hungarian, English.