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Are you ready to be petrified?


If you love horror movies, adore scary games
or simply want to test each other, this package is for you!
There is nothing that could bring you this close
to the world of horror more safely than virtual reality…
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Affected: The Manor


What else could await you in an abandoned manor than a bunch of ghosts and unexplainable, unfathomable events? You are not buying a pig in a poke: a bloodcurdling experience is guaranteed. It is one of the most intense horror features ever created for VR…

Nightmare in a wheelchair


As you regain your consciousness, you all find yourselves in a wheelchair, and you feel that nerve-racking madness suddenly takes over everything around you. You are about to face a grim, sometimes horridly distasteful VR experience, after which you will be only too happy to take off your headsets and return to the real world…


For up to 4 players.

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Zombie Attack


You unexpectedly find yourself on the street with a machine gun and a shotgun in your hand, and before you could ask who you are and what you are doing there, the undead start squirming toward you. But don’t forget to look behind you every once in a while…
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Dark side of Anubis


One of our two self-developed hyperreality experiences, this adventure is spiked with 4D effects to stimulate all your senses as you actually have to walk through it wearing a special backpack, trying to find your way out of a cursed pyramid. You not only see each other in this journey, but success is unimaginable without true cooperation.


Minimum height: 140 cm (4′ 7″).
For up to 4 players.


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Unlimited gaming in the Retro Zone


You don’t have to leave VR Vidámpark right after you finished your VR experiences. Feel free to try the arcade version of the legendary Pac-Man, risk getting hooked on ATARI Pong, test your speed and reaction time with Speed of Light or play a game of air hockey with your friends.

A drink in Space Cafe


Join us in Space Cafe and enjoy a complimentary cup of coffee, HELL energy drink or some mineral water. And while you do that, it would be particularly nice of you to share any ideas for improvement by taking our survey on a tablet provided by us.

Cloakroom and lockers


During the VR experiences, you cannot wear coats, hats, scarves, bags, bulletproof vests, skis or anything that could get in your way. So you can safely leave these with us free of charge, while you can lock away your wallets, phones and other small valuables in safes.


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7,900 HUF/person

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You have two options: you can buy the tickets at the door or online.


We recommend the latter, especially at weekends,
as there might not be any more time slots available for you
during busy days, or you might have to wait for the experiences.


You cannot book experiences without buying a ticket,
and you can only buy tickets for specific time slots.


In order to minimise waiting times,
we only sell a limited number of tickets for any given time slots.
You can view available time slots after selecting a date.


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You may enjoy each experience included in the package only once.
Including the time spent in Retro Zone and Space Cafe,

our visitors spend 60–90 minutes in our park on average.


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We do not recommend this package for children
under 16 without parental supervision!