10.500 Ft


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If you love horror movies and scary video games, or you just want to challenge each other, this package is for you! Nothing brings you closer to the terrifying world of horror than experiencing it in virtual reality…

10.500 Ft/person

It contains 2 experiences
Because of technical reasons can only be used by guest at least above: 140 cm (4,5 ft)
The weight limit: max. 130 kg
Wearing closed shoes and socks is a must!
Length: approx. 65 min.
(60 minutes on KAT VR platform, 5 minutes on horror roller coaster)
For a time min. 2, max. 4 tickets can be purchased
We recommend it to more experienced VR users, KAT VR can cause nausea at first.
+ We provide free admission to the Gaming History interactive exhibition for all guests arriving with tickets!
Information about accompanying tickets for parents by clicking here.

Available games:

(total game time is 60 minutes)
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A series of paranormal activities appear at various locations and your task is to enter a haunted house, farm, or an abandoned asylum, and find out what kind of spirit you’re dealing with. You’ll be without weapons, but it’s up to you what kind of equipment you bring to the investigation, from UV light to thermometer. Don’t forget: ghosts can be really aggressive sometimes…


Can be played solo or co-op.

Arizona Sunshine


Don’t expect complicated story missions from this one. Arizona Sunshine brings back the feeling of classic arcade style zombie shooting games. In the middle of a zombie apocalypse, you must survive in the middle of a desert with simple game mechanics. It’s an easy to learn and highly enjoyable gaming experience, which makes it popular worldwide.


Can be played solo or co-op.



This installment of the legendary video game series is a real gem for the lovers of the genre. Simple story, bloody executions, a whole arsenal of weapons, and of course a challenging fight is waiting for you, if you dare to enter the gates of hell.


Single player game.

Half Life: Alyx


Do you know the tale of Gordon Freeman by heart? Are you curious what happens between the two games, or simply miss the unique atmosphere of the series? Experience the game that was in development for 4 years, and which many consider a milestone in gaming history, and the greatest VR games ever made.


Single player game.

Zero Caliber VR


A Hungarian developed realistic shooter. It’s uniqueness comes from the fact that you really need to reload, aim, and fire every weapon, as you would in real life. A real treat for action game lovers.


Can be played solo or co-op.

Also included:

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You wake up in a wheelchair, and within seconds madness surrounds you. A creepy, occasionally gory VR experience is waiting for you, which will make you happy when you can finally take off your headset and return to reality at the end.


Up to 2 people can sit on it at the same time.

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KAT VR is brought to you by our partner, HCGaming. We can highly recommend them if you’re looking to buy your own VR equipment for home.

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