Take Flight and Travel Back in Time!

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Explore the Parliament building like no other! This immersive VR ride takes you on a hot air balloon flight to see this iconic architectural marvel of Hungarian history as it looked in 1894 during its construction’s milestone event. With our special 4D elements as you ride in a real balloon basket, you’ll truly feel the movement of the hot air balloon and discover the landscape of Budapest a century ago. Take a breathtaking flight with up to 6 people and feel history at your fingertips!
Available in Hungarian, English, French, Spanish and Italian languages!
Suitable for all ages from but minimum height: 100 cm.
Ticket price: HUF 2,500/person
Groups of at least 10 people now at an introductory price, only HUF 1,000/person! Free for teachers accompanying classes! The group discount is only available after email registration: info@vrparkbudapest.hu
You can find us next to the main entrance of the Parliament Visitor Center from Kossuth square.
Plus in the Parliament Cafe you get 10% off any café purchase with Parliament VR-Flight tickets!
Consultant: Kristóf Kelecsényi, art historian, monument expert, lecturer at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. Specializes in 19th century Hungarian architecture, focusing on the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, with multiple books published on the subject, including volumes on the statues and furniture of the Hungarian Parliament.
Narration (female voice): Dr. Krisztina Bombera, television journalist, reporter, lawyer.
Narration (male voice): Iván Kamarás, Jászai Mari award winning actor.
The opening hours of the Parliament Visitor Center vary depending on the season.
Every day: 8AM – 6PM