Sit next to Santa Claus and experience the Christmas miracle!

From November 17th until January 1st look for the Santa’s Sleigh – Christmas VR experience at the Christmas market by Saint Stephen’s Basilica!
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Unique VR experience for the whole family!

The sleigh sits 4 adults or 6 children in two rows, or mixing them up (for example 2 adults, 3 children under 18).
The sleigh is hydraulic, making it feel like you’re really traveling by Santa’s side.
The headsets have 4K resolution.
Ticket price: 7 EUR/person
Discounted price: 6 EUR/person
/person price if 2 adults + 2 children (under 12 years)
The length of the ride is approx. 3 minutes.
We sanitize after each guest!
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Advent at the Basilica celebrates its 13th birthday this year. This event, which has been voted for the ‘Best Christmas market in Europe’ for the third time last year, opens its gates on 17th November 2023, and it can be visited by 1st January 2024 at the St.Stephan square.


It doesn’t matter whether we visit the square with our family, friends or colleagues, the real, authentic Christmas atmosphere is sure to captivate us. Not only the Christmas whirlwind, but the wonderful handmade works, the fantastic gastronomic adventures, the artistic performances, the self-forgetting laughter of the skaters or the exciting 3-dimensional play of light and shadow on the facade of the Basilica, these all contribute to that the Advent season’s blessed anticipation be able to worm its way into our hearts the again. This way we can fly back to the enchantment of our childhood’s Christmases.


Every day of Advent tells a new story: the tales of Christmas’ past, present and future, which all live within us!
We contribute to this – for the third time – with a special VR experience.
Address: 1051 Budapest, Szent István tér

Opening hours

11 AM – 9 PM


11 AM – 11 PM


11 AM – 9 PM


Special opening hours on the following dates:


2023. december 24.:
11 AM – 3 PM


2023. december 25-26.:
11  AM – 8 PM


2024. january 1.:
11 AM – 6 PM


If you like the ride and would like to try more complex and exciting VR experiences (some with vibrating vests, 4D effects, co-op), come and visit VR Park, only 15 minutes away from the Christmas market at Teréz körút 62!
And you can redeem the full price of the Santa’s Sleigh – Christmas VR experience in the VR Park!
Conditions of redemption:


  • You receive a flier with each purchase with the receipt attached to it, which you need to bring with you to the park. It can only be redeemed for tickets bought on site. To make an appointment call us (+36704796546) but be sure to choose which of our tickets you want to book first!
  • The price of the ride (2500 HUF) can only be used for one full price ticket. In case of multiple purchases, it’s still not possible to use the discount more than once on a ticket. If you bought 2 Santa’s Sleigh tickets for 2 x 2500 HUF, you may use that to buy 2 VR Theme Park tickets, for example GAMER and TIME TRAVELER, for 2500 HUF cheaper each, but you cannot receive 2 x 2.500 HUF discount from a single ticket. 2500 HUF off our ADRENALINE package is almost 40% discount!
  • Deadline of ticket redemption: 28th February 2024.
  • Cannot be combined with other discounts.