Guarantee of Use

Pursuant to our Guarantee of Use, we have extended the validity of all our tickets, coupons and gift vouchers until 31.12.2021. Thus, we undertake a 100% guarantee for all our customers that they can use their tickets and discounts with us.
We are closed from 11 November due to the announced restrictive measures. We wish everyone a lot of strength, let’s keep a close eye on each other! We want to get over all this as soon as possible and be together again.

Covid-19 information during opening hours

Since the opening, we have paid special attention to hygiene and cleanliness. And with the spread of the coronavirus, we are constantly looking for newer and newer solutions to make the VR experience even safer for our guests and staff.


VR games are fundamentally advantageous in that they allow more people to play together without “coming into contact” within the game, in reality they do not touch each other. What’s more, within VR experiences, they can explore completely new worlds, travel in space and time while staying in place in reality.


Our playground is more than 2,000 square meters, on three levels, and our experiences/games are at a safe distance from each other, so our guests arriving separately do not have to meet in a small space.
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We are constantly working to make our guests as safe as possible. Therefore, we also perform nanotechnological disinfection with an environmentally friendly solution containing nano silver and hypochlorous acid. Of course, we continue to clean all of our devices with antibacterial wipes after our guests, and our playmakers work in masks and gloves.
We ask our visitors to use hand-held disinfectants, and to ask them to change their time by phone even in case of feeling unwell! We use a contactless body temperature scanner at the checkout every time we arrive, and if we may be measuring a rise in temperature, we will ask our guests to come back to us at another time.
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Let’s continue to take care of each other and our loved ones!