Are you looking for an unforgettable and really special activity?


Celebrate a birthday, make your bachelor/bachelorette party even more epic,
organise a pretty memorable team-building event
or just get together with the „long time no see” friends.
Choose us, and if at least 8 of you come,
you’ll get a


20% discount,


from all of our packages.
Choose which of our packages you would like
or choose freely from our experiences
and we will give you a unique price.


Send us the details, and we’ll reach you within 1-2 days, through e-mail or phone.

Talking about a group of kids or a group of adults, we can afford a suitable package for everyone.

We’re glad to welcome childrengroups as well, even if it’s a birthday party or an educational field trip. Basically we recommend the park from the age of 8-10, in the case of Dino Safari and the Dark side of Anubis, the needed height is at least 140 cm (4.7 feet).
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Some of our games can be played by 2, 3 or 4 players at the same time. Better making your groups based on this information.
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This is how a team-building looks like!

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Your own game master


When you arrive, you’ll get yourself a game master, whose job is to help your orientation, to show you in the Park around and to do everything for you that makes the spending time of yours even more perfect.

Your own room 


You’ll get a seperate room from the other guests, where you can be all alone, before, in between or after the games, The big tables and chairs give you the opportunity for a conference, meal or other team-building activities. Here you can store your bags and coats, or eat up the asked or brought caterings, cakes, drinks (in every case, it is required to consult us beforehand, otherwise we won’t allow any food or drink brought from the outside).

Write to us!

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